Rafael will be showing a selection of work, including this year’s Jabberwocky festival horse, downstairs in the Exhibition Space throughout the festival.

Rafael Silveira’s imaginative work combines figurative classical painting, comic-inspired imagery and surreal subject matter, resulting in a universe where dreams are blended with waking life and the impossible appears commonplace. Silveira credits his native Brazil as a source of inspiration and describes his experience living in the country as having “daily contact with the bizarre, absurd and preposterous. It’s like walking through a wild forest where beauty and dangers reveal themselves in strange, random and haphazard ways.

His paintings are like portals into an alternate dimension. A vintage aesthetic and various themes including lingerie, tattoos, skulls and food converge in a visual expression of Silveira’s stream of consciousness.

A hallmark of Silveira’s work is the use of sculptural panels and frames to compliment his paintings. This unique collaboration brings the imagery of his paintings into the third dimension and allows for an interesting interplay between each external structure and what they contain, within.

Silveira was born in the harbor city of Paranagu√°, in the south of Brazil(1978). Some navy imagery still remains in his universe till today. Based in Curitiba, he quit a ten years award winning career as an art director/designer to became a full time artist. Since that, his fine art works have been exhibited in prominent galleries in Brazil and USA and are included in great private and public collections such as the Museum of Modern Art in Rio De Janeiro. The artist have two monograph books published in Brazil, and was featured in the cover of Zupi Magazine.